iMixing is a service that we provide, which allows an artist to send us ‘stems’ of a pre-recorded track (be it a home recording or from a studio elsewhere) to be mixed in our studio. We believe that there’s no one-way to record or mix a track, whether it’s pure analogue or digital. As they both have their benefits, we choose to not single out either option by utilizing analogue outboard and software emulations.

Our control room houses a beautiful 1980’s MCI Sony console. The last to be designed by MCI.
Due to the extensive capability of the console, we are able upon request to mix on the board, giving you the advantage of analogue summing. A clean, but warm sound that glues your mix together.

We decided after years of using various plugin brands to choose Universal Audio as our main tool. The reason for it being that they seem to be the most faithful recreations in sound and functionality of their analogue counterparts. This view is backed by famous award-winning mix engineers such as Paul Epworth, Jacquire King, Dan Auerbach (Black Keys), Mick Guzauski, Ken Lewis, Joe Chiccarelli, Andrew Scheps, Spike Stent, and many more. Some of the engineers and producers almost exclusively use the Universal Audio plugins as they are such faithful recreations, and can improve their workflow as working in the digital realm is far quicker than constantly routing and recording audio through hardware.

Our prices for mixing are below:

1 track – £200
4 track EP – £600
Albums – POA